Positive Outcomes

Positive outcomes in addiction recovery are hard to come by today. We live in a time where opioids are the nation’s number one health crisis. The drugs have gotten more dangerous, but the holistic aspects of abstinence and recovery have largely remained the same.  Families have often asked “What are the chances my family member will recover from addiction?” That’s an easy question. They are 100% if the family member does everything their therapist and 12-Step support group advises them to do. The advice is tried and true and easily measured from one generation of people in addiction to the next. While that sounds simple enough, it becomes difficult to provide one-on-one, wrap-around care to clients in a large treatment center environment. This is one of the main reasons why Our Place continues to operate as a small treatment center.

High Rate of Success - Drug Rehab

High Rate of Success

As a boutique addiction treatment center, clients cannot hide from our program and simply go through the motions. They will quickly work in partnership with their treatment team and develop a roadmap to recovery together. Remembering the addiction recovery roadmap doesn’t have a firm expiration date is key. Our clinical staff understands that the longer clients stay in our care, the better chance they will have at long-term sobriety. Our Place Recovery clients stay in Florida addiction treatment more than 40% longer than the industry average, with overall positive outcomes that are four times greater than most other rehabs.

Positive Outcomes - Florida Addiction Treatment

Positive Outcomes with Longer Treatment Stays

Positive outcomes are derived by a variety of factors. Like many things in life, it’s the harmony of all those factors working together. While it's not as simple as “don’t drink, and attend the meetings”, that happens to be a large part of it. Commitment to change, and putting traction behind that motivation is crucial. Clients entering treatment also need to re-learn the skill of being teachable.

When someone enters addiction treatment, the primary concern is getting them medically stable and detoxified from drugs or alcohol. Once this is achieved, and the client is feeling better, they can now be open to change the things that need changing. This doesn’t happen overnight and usually not in a 28-day program. It takes time to achieve addiction program completion, which is why our clients' successful discharge is solely based upon clinical progress. The average time frame is usually about 45 days. Even then, it is paramount that each client has an aftercare program in place, which will allow them to progress in their recovery beyond addiction treatment.

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