Recreation Therapy

Recreation therapy utilizes fun activities to aid people with illness or those who may be disabled. Recreation therapy is regarded by addiction therapists as a practical alternative to drug abuse. When we view addiction as an illness and disease, and treat it as such, people can recover. 

Part of recreation therapy is educating clients on what exactly recreation means to them. This is important as many clients have long forgotten what it feels like to have sober enjoyment. They cannot remember a time before chasing their drug of choice.

Recreation therapy at Our Place Recovery is an important part of the daily client addiction treatment schedule. Most of our motivation for daily recreation is to help clients find a new outlet for all the misdirected energy spent on their addictions. Addicted adults greatly benefit from recreational play. Our programs vary daily activities that are both structured and unstructured. Recreation allows for the opportunity to decrease stress, exhaust excess energy and create mental downtime.

Recreation Therapy for Addiction

Recreation Therapy Supports the Whole Person

Recreation supports mental health by introducing new interests and activities. For clients in the partial hospitalization program, recreation is a welcome break from the difficult work of daily addiction recovery.

Recreation therapy also supports healthy use of rest time. Many in a substance abuse treatment program may have spent all their free time focused on obtaining and using drugs. In recovery, hobbies and interests can fill the cracks drugs or alcohol used to fill. Almost all recreational therapies promote physical fitness, making this a model way to support overall healing.

Benefits of Florida Recreation Therapy for Addiction

  • Improves social functions
  • Improves motivation
  • Improves self-esteem
  • Increases ability to cope with stress and frustration without chemical dependency
  • Develops exercise and relaxation skills
  • Develops team-building
  • Increases awareness to sober fun
  • Reduces boredom and isolation
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
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