Alumni Program

Recovery is a continuing process and when our clients finish Florida Addiction treatment we believe that it’s truly commencement: a beginning! Building a bridge from drug rehab to long-term sobriety is our biggest cornerstone. Our Place Alumni generate a high-rate of positive outcomes, and that is evidenced in the continued sobriety of our alumni. The alumni program is a critical component to the substance abuse recovery of each one of our clients. It is designed to keep everyone connected to their peers as they continue to support each other and champion success in life on its own terms.

Alumni Program - Florida Addiction Treatment

Florida Addiction Treatment Alumni Features

  • Monthly dinner meetings with guest speakers, anniversary celebrations, along with, experience, strength and hope from your biggest supporters.
  • Weekly Sunday night meetings at our residence to show current clients “how it works”.
  • Our Place Recovery Alumni Facebook group (private) to stay connected and where inspiration is shared wherever you are located.
  • Many of our alumni travel long distances to come celebrate their annual anniversaries.

Alumni Are Family

Our Place Recovery alumni often tell us they feel motivated by the success of their peers and inspired by others who demonstrate that drug and alcohol rehab works. Alumni are always welcome back to Our Place and to maintain communication with our staff. Not only have we succeeded in seeing you on your way to long term sobriety, but we have developed a greater connection with you. We are a family and all look after each other. All alumni are encouraged to help others about the positive changes they have made in your life, especially for those who are just beginning their journey in recovery. Get involved today – the fellowship, love and support are unique experiences that shows us a life beyond our wildest dreams!

Alumni - Florida Drug Rehab


When clients complete our inpatient drug treatment and participate in the alumni program at Our Place Recovery, there are several ways this program can help you stay connected. First, the alumni program is designed to keep everyone connected through a central, private environment. The same peer group who support your recovery while in treatment are still there for you once they complete the program,

Our alumni coordinator will also help you locate and connect with local support groups and recovery resources in your area that you can turn to when needed. Another advantage of an alumni drug treatment program is that it allows you to provide support and inspiration to the newly sober who may be struggling with their own early recovery.

Alumni recovery programs also strengthen the importance of staying in touch with treatment staff no matter how far along you are in your sobriety. By keeping these connections whole, it allows you to have the continued reassurance and care you need as you progress in your recovery. Another important element in an alumni treatment program is the fact that you can take part in volunteer occasions either at Our Place Recovery. When you are of service to others, you are not only elevating the lives of the people around you, you are also reinforcing your own sobriety.