Trauma Informed Therapy

What is Trauma Informed Therapy?

Trauma Informed therapy is a cognitive behavioral therapy that brings together the knowledge and understanding of how trauma affects the lives of those it touches, and therapy for behaviors it has produced or triggers. For some, trauma experienced at some point in life makes it difficult to deal with other issues and problems that would otherwise not be of consequence.

Many people with alcohol or drug addiction have a history of trauma. It can be a single event or have occurred repeatedly over an extended period – either recently or in the more distant past. Trauma can have a severe impact on the primary victim and on family members, friends and helpers as well. The Our Place Recovery integrated trauma informed therapy program was developed to address the cross-effects of trauma and addictions, along with other co-occurring disorders.

Trauma Informed Therapy for Addiction

Common Forms of Trauma

  • Domestic violence
  • Serious accidents
  • Natural disasters
  • Physical abuse
  • Abandonment
  • Sexual abuse
  • Verbal abuse
  • Neglect

Our Place Recovery Approach

Trauma informed therapy is based on the understanding that many individuals receiving services in the addiction recovery system have a history of trauma. Therefore, it is important to be attuned to the possibility of trauma history in clients’ backgrounds.

Trauma informed therapy approaches clients from a perspective of respect for them as individuals, for their survivor skills and for their resilience. Clients are encouraged to actively collaborate on and participate in their treatment to break the pain and to re-establish a sense of accomplishment and personal pride. Trauma-informed care also attends to the client’s well-being as part of his or her individualized needs and offers a great strategy for healing and recovery.

Many of our Florida addiction treatment team have received specialized training, understanding the role that trauma may play in addiction and in the full range of mental health and addiction conditions. They have learned how to ask about and discuss trauma as part of the addiction treatment program and how to determine when specialized trauma-focused approaches are needed.

Benefits of Florida Trauma Informed Therapy for Addiction

Trauma informed therapy can be beneficial to clients who have experienced a traumatic event. By engaging in trauma informed treatment, clients can learn more about what they are experiencing and how to address concerns. The following are a few examples of the benefits of trauma-focused therapy:

  • Learn About Trauma
  • Re-Establish Safety
  • Identify Triggers
  • Develop Healthy Coping Skills
  • Decrease in Traumatic Stress Symptoms
  • Practice Trauma Processing or Integration
Trauma Therapy - Florida Drug Rehab

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