Smart RecoveryTM


SMART stands for…

  • Self
  • Management
  • And
  • Recovery
  • Training

SMART RecoveryTM is an abstinence-based recovery program with a practical self-help program for people with drug or alcohol addictions. It includes many ideas and methods to help you change your life from one that is destructive and miserable to one that is productive and rewarding. SMART RecoveryTM is not a spin-off of any 12-Step program. The program teaches common sense self-help actions designed to allow you to abstain from drugs or alcohol, and to develop a positive lifestyle. Some may graduate from the program, while others may stay around to help others.

Smart Recovery - Florida Drug Rehab

Practical Ideas

Drinking and using drugs serve a purpose — to mask life’s problems and feelings. There’s an issue, however. Many complications arise from heavy drinking and substance abuse. So that kind of coping is highly counterintuitive. To help you reverse your self-destructive behavior, SMART RecoveryTM employs a cognitive-behavioral therapy called REBT, which stands for Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy. According to REBT, thinking creates feelings and leads us to act. By managing the thoughts and feelings that lead people to drink or use, they can empower themselves to stop. Then they can focus on problems they have with abstinence. In SMART RecoveryTM, the focus is on the present and the reasons for destructive behaviors. We focus on what to do about those behaviors to achieve a healthy lifestyle, particularly in the areas of our lives that are related to alcoholism or drug abuse.

SMART Recovery Highlights:

  • Enhanced motivation.
  • Rejection to act on urges.
  • Handling life’s problems in a practical way without substances.
  • Creating a balanced, and healthy routine.


Motivation is a key component in everything we do. Consider that we all have two primary goals – survival and the avoidance of pain that comes along with seeking happiness. You can increase mindfulness of your motives for drinking or your motives for stopping. This can help you feel improved about changing your behavior.


What people believe about addiction is vital. Some battle the disease debate, beliefs of personal defectiveness, and thoughts of remaining powerless over a drink. These views can be detrimental. Some people have additional beliefs, such as the need for alcohol to cope. Beliefs such as these can’t be justified as they remain unsupported by evidence.


Feelings are critical too. People often drink or use to mask their feelings of anger, guilt, anxiety, or low self-esteem. SMART RecoveryTM shows participants how to reduce emotional troubles and grow self-acceptance. That way, they have better motivation and the wherewithal to remain sober and to live in happiness.


Changes in thinking and feelings are not enough. Self-obligation and follow-through are crucial. SMART RecoveryTM inspires members to work at problems and to become involved in pleasurable activities to replace substance abuse.

Florida SMART RecoveryTM Addiction Program

Our Place Recovery has trained and certified therapists to facilitate SMART RecoveryTM. Some of them have had experience with drinking and substance abuse, while others have not. SMART RecoveryTM is an alternative mental health and educational program, focused on shifting human behavior. The program focuses on the present and beyond. The chief tool used in SMART RecoveryTM is the ABC method of problem-solving. The ABCs are an exercise from REBT. The ABCs help people from being victimized by their own thinking.

Smart Recovery for Addiction Treatment

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