Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Our PHP treatment program is a 30- to 90-day program, based on each client’s needs and goals.

Upon admission, each client receives:

  • A thorough clinical and medical assessment.
  • A daily schedule and orientation.
  • A full schedule of treatment activities each week that includes:
Partial Hospitalization - Florida Addiction Treatment

What to Expect

Our PHP Program is structured for independent living, allowing clients to share an apartment with other sober peers. As a result, clients team-up on group decisions such as meal planning and activities.

Free time in the evenings and on weekends provides opportunities for clients to develop sober skills. As an example, they participate in healthy recovery activities and establishing a sober support system by attending outside 12-Step Meetings.

Florida Drug and Alcohol Treatment takes place in our nearby treatment center and our clients reside in a safe and secure beachside housing comprised of gender-specific apartments.

During their partial hospitalization treatment stay, clients are assigned to a treatment team that includes a physician, nurse, primary counselor and case manager. Additionally, they are supported by our behavioral tech staff.

This team is responsible for developing an individualized plan of care and continuing care recommendations. For example, medication management is provided by a medical doctor specializing in psychiatry, as well as a psychiatric registered nurse practitioner.

Forms of Florida Partial Hospitalization Addiction Treatment

During group, individual and family therapy sessions facilitated by our addiction treatment clinicians, clients are exposed to an assortment of evidence-based therapy techniques, including:

In addition to their therapy treatment, clients are exposed to a variety of support groups, including:

Treatment Plan

Each client receives a personalized addiction treatment plan. In other words, Our Place Recovery therapists take the time to develop a treatment plan best-suited to the individual’s circumstances.

Each client will co-author a treatment plan with their therapist. Also, the treatment plan becomes a roadmap with milestones that detail all the client’s problems, objectives, and responsibilities. Furthermore, it will help achieve to  their goals. Likewise, it is regularly updated, revised, and adjusted to meet the client’s goals and progress throughout treatment.

Most importantly, this approach that gives the greatest opportunity for addiction recovery and maintaining long-term sobriety.

As part of the treatment plan, clients attend group therapy several days per week and receive an individual session once per week with their primary therapist. Lastly, clients attend daily outside support group meetings in the local Broward County area.

Total Care Treatment Team

During their Florida drug rehab stay, each client is assigned a treatment team that includes a physician, nurse, primary counselor, case manager, and nutritionist. In addition, this team is responsible for assessing and working with each client to establish both an individualized plan of care and aftercare recommendations.

Who is Partial Hospitalization Designed For?

Day/Night Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is conducive for those who struggle with severe alcoholism or drug addiction that requires intensive treatment. For example, clients may come from obstructive or unhealthy environments. Thus, the change of geography including family and social groups may be temporarily essential to begin the process of addiction recovery. Also, clients may also have a history of chronic relapse and need to gain the skills that could break the chronic relapse cycle.

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