Intensive Outpatient

Florida Intensive Outpatient Program

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a 6-8 week program (or longer based on each client’s progress) that provides 9 hours per week of addiction treatment. Our IOP program permits clients to live on their own, work at a job, and travel to our addiction treatment center to participate in treatment.

Florida Intensive Outpatient for Addiction

What to expect

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) gives clients the opportunity to continue living in a safe, structured, sober environment and work in the nearby area. Clients can practice in real-life things that need changing under moderate supervision. It is a step-down program that begins to set a foundation for long-term sobriety.

Forms of Treatment

During group, individual and family therapy sessions facilitated by Florida addiction professionals, clients are shown a variety of evidence-based therapy techniques, including:

Additionally, clients are exposed to a variety of support groups, including:

Clients will receive the essential tools to improve upon progress made during Partial Hospitalization Addiction Treatment.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Plan

Like our PHP program, each client will continue to work on a treatment plan with their therapist. Most clients will see remarkable progress and highlight achievements that inspire them to continue addiction care.

As part of their Florida addiction treatment plan, clients attend group therapy several days per week, and receive an individual session once per week with their primary therapist. Clients must also attend outside support group meetings in the community and begin establishing a sober support system.

Total Care Treatment Team

During the Florida Intensive Outpatient program, each client maintains a treatment team that includes a physician, nurse, primary counselor, case manager, and nutritionist. This team is responsible for assessing and working with each client to continue both an individualized plan of care and next level addiction care recommendations.

IOP program at Florida Drug Rehab

Who Is the Intensive Outpatient Program Designed For?

Intensive Outpatient Program treatment is the next logical step after a client completes PHP level of care. Our Place Recovery offers a full-continuum of addiction treatment, in which clients step down from a higher, more intensive PHP level of care to lower levels of care (IOP, OP), in which clients progressively decrease their treatment and increase their freedom and independence. Outpatient rehab allows a patient to work and reside on their own while undergoing substance abuse treatment.

Upon completion of treatment, clients will have a better understanding of the disease of addiction and recognize the need and importance of 12-Step programs and sober support connections for their long-term recovery.

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