Individual Therapy

At Our Place Recovery, each client receives one-hour of individual therapy for addiction each week with their therapist. If a client feels he or she needs more time, they may request additional time at no extra charge.

Our Place therapists bring a fresh approach and a new model of care to individualized care. Our unique approach is therapy that fully tailors treatment plans for clients with drug addiction, mood disorders, personality disorders and family dynamics. These services are provided on a “one-to-one” basis between a client and our clinicians.

Individual therapy for addiction treatment

What Impediments Keep People from Overcoming Addiction?

Denial is a huge roadblock for most in addiction. They fear the sense of failure that comes with admitting they have a problem, or they fear the consequences they believe comes with admission. They hide their dependence even from themselves and therefore do not take the steps required to overcome their addiction. For these clients, group therapy alone would not be a palatable treatment option because they do not accept themselves as part of a group. Once clients come to terms with the truth about themselves, they are now ready to benefit from the group experience. This is where one on one therapy can play a critical role in bringing them to that destination.

Individualized Florida Addiction Treatment

In an individual therapy session, the client works in coordination with the therapist. In doing so, a productive, confidential and trust-based relationship is established. One-on-one sessions always take place in a safe and supportive environment where the client can explore feelings and activities in a way that leads to understanding and healing.

During individual therapy, therapists will work with clients to identify some of the triggers and negative patterns in their daily life, but also to develop some effective strategies for modifying those patterns. Life skills will also be established, providing the client with ways to maintain sobriety long after treatment. Individual sessions are meant to vest, inspire and lead the way to long-term sobriety.

How Individual Therapy Helps in Addiction Recovery

Individual therapy during treatment helps clients find that they feel better about themselves and their prospects for addiction recovery. They usually find it liberating about talking out your problems, letting their feelings release and freeing themselves burdens. Individual counseling is not just for talking. Counselors also teach a variety of important life skills and coping mechanisms that will help you manage stress in your life. Clients are provided with actionable tools to succeed in life on its own terms.

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