Family Therapy

Making Family Therapy for Drug Addiction Work for Your Situation

Family therapy for addiction may help you discover the source of your drug addiction issues. Connections created with family members are often the most gratifying yet difficult relationships we will experience throughout our lifetimes.

Family Therapy for Addiciton

Working with Family

Most in addiction have come to realize the sources of their addictions are deeply tangled with their interpersonal relationships. This is a root of great pain.  Often when an individual has been struggling with addiction, ties to family and friends are severed or destroyed. At Our Place Recovery, we will work with the client and their family to heal old wounds and create a bridge to the future.

One-on-One Counseling

Our therapists will work with each client to help identify any negative or untrue beliefs they hold about themselves.  This is a main driver of their dependency. It has shaped their family dynamic, and disrupted other parts of their life. These views were likely formed when they were young due to a dysfunctional relationship. During one-on-one therapy, they will learn how to break free from false opinions, so they can begin to heal.

The complexities of family bring many different needs under one roof. Finding the best technique to deal with problems within the family means accepting that the problem of one part of the family may be indicative of a bigger problem. Our family therapists will look at all probable roots of a problem through family communication, along with what views create the footing for the family structure.

Florida Family Therapy for Addiction

Family therapy involves all members of the unit, making the family accountable for the solution, even if the problem appears to belong to only one member. By strengthening everyone, family therapy supports each individual member as well. Florida family therapy will help the family unit explore new ways to engage while creating clear communication paths paramount to the solution.

Family counseling teaches teamwork and the concept that the family unit can and should function well for everyone involved. It displays how vital clear communication is and discloses where some communication falls short. Families and clients learn what motivates their behavior and how specific behaviors affect everyone. When one member is struggling to deal with a problem, they may be surprised to find out their personal struggle has obstructed the entire family. When they gain this understanding, the family can help them discover better ways to deal with their struggle.

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