Dialectical Behavior Therapy

What Is Dialectical Behavior Therapy?

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) was first created as an alternative to traditional methods that weren’t effective for certain clients. It seeks to treat addiction by getting to the root causes behind it, as well as behavioral issues, or interpersonal problems that may also be problematic.

DBT differs from traditional addiction therapies in several ways. It provides the patient with tools developed to raise self-awareness and teach coping skills. It also includes both group therapy and individual therapy sessions. The goal is not just to deal with addiction to alcohol and drugs, but to come out of the process a better, more well-balanced person, fully equipped to live life free of addiction.

Dialectal Behavior Therapy for Addiction

DBT has shown to be effective in reducing treatment dropout rates. DBT is a form of psychotherapy that was originally developed to treat women with histories of suicidal ideations, suicide attempts, or other self-harming behaviors, and those suffering from borderline personality disorder.

DBT combines standard cognitive-behavioral techniques for emotional stability and reality-testing with concepts of distress tolerance, acceptance, and mindfulness. Research has shown DBT to be effective in harm reduction, treatment attrition, substance abuse, anger and interpersonal challenges.

Florida DBT Therapy for Addiction

Living with a chemical addiction is difficult for most clients by itself. Addiction destroys everything in the path of the addicted; health, safety, job and more. Over time, it may even destroy your closest relationships beyond repair.

However, it's imperative to recognize that not all addiction treatment methods are created alike, and your recovery depends on choosing one that fits you best. What helps one person find success and get their life back once and for all might not work as well for someone else. Choose an addiction treatment program that generates a high rate of positive outcomes and that is easily customized to fit a wide assortment of different people, such as dialectical behavior therapy.

What Are the Benefits of Dialectical Behavior Therapy?

DBT can vary from facility to facility. Features of treatment will likely be individualized to each patient’s unique needs. However, the overall method comes attached to several major benefits.

  • Better control of emotions
  • Treatment for trauma
  • Better interpersonal connections

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