Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Destructive Behavior Uncovered

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is based on a method of identifying negative, irrational thought patterns which in turn effect a person’s behavior. Unhealthy thought patterns always play a role in the development of an addiction, regardless of whether it’s opioid addiction, alcoholism or other substances. By breaking the cycle of negative thinking, Our Place Recovery therapists help clients discover new behaviors to substitute those that led to and fueled their addiction. Our Florida addiction therapists employ cognitive behavioral therapy to cease old patterns while learning new and healthy ones.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Addiciton

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has many benefits when it’s incorporated into drug addiction treatment. Our clients have found that this therapy plays an important role in helping them successfully uncover unhealthy habits and behaviors, and to correct them. Many have also found that the beliefs of cognitive behavioral therapy can be applied with great benefit to other areas of their life as well.

Changing Thought Patterns

The tools used in CBT—which include learning to identify and dispute unrealistic or obstructive thoughts and developing new problem-solving skills—have been used to treat a broad range of mental health difficulties. CBT has long been considered the most efficient form of addiction talk therapy, especially when clients use these strategies in their daily routine. This effort to gain insight into one’s cognitive and behavioral processes and modify them in a constructive way often involves ongoing practice, but is preferred by most clients as it can mean fewer therapy sessions than other addiction treatment modalities.

Benefits of Florida Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Addiction

  • On-Going Process of Discovery
  • Growth of More Positive Thought Patterns
  • Enrichment of Self-esteem
  • Learning to Resist Peer Pressure
  • Quick Return to Normal Activities
  • Gradual End to Therapy
CBT for Drug Rehab

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