Case Management

Case management for addiction treatment is a resource for working together within the treatment facility and with all external community or business resources. Case management works with each client to coordinate care and all necessary outside business or personal needs. Our Place Recovery wants you to focus on yourself while attending Florida addiction treatment. As such, case management will focus on those “life” details to keep things moving while you focus on getting well.  

A case manager is an advocate for clients who handles all outside issues and locates integrated treatment options or aftercare prior to a client’s discharge. Case management is responsible for a multitude of items including:

  • Education enrollment or leave of absence application
  • Assist with court matters and pending legal issues
  • Employment and need for leave of absence or Family and Medical Leave (FMLA)
  • Insurance status and need for COBRA to continue health care benefits
  • Coordinate benefits with health insurance companies
  • Manage medical referrals that may be required while in treatment
  • Assist with short-term and long-term disability applications
Case Management for Florida Addiction Treatment

Benefits of Florida Addiction Treatment Case Management

Case management offers many benefits to clients in Florida addiction treatment. In addition to the practical services and expertise that they contribute to the client, case managers support their clients on an emotional and psychological level in the following four ways:

  1. By alleviating personal, legal, or financial stress so the client can focus on their recovery
  2. By easing the client’s transition back into the community, reducing the risk of relapse
  3. By assisting the client to build a sense of self-worth
  4. By providing the client with reassurance, knowing that they have an advocate who can be there for them

Our case manager will help you navigate various stressful situations, which can help you feel more confident and secure. That’s why we include full-time case management at Our Place Recovery. Our case manager works closely with our clients to help them reach their full potential, not only in substance abuse treatment, but also in life.

Case Management Florida Drug Rehab

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