What our Clients Say:
  • I'm from New Jersey, and have been to quite a few places up there and never experienced recovery like Our Place. The one on one treatment, the family-like setting! The counselors don't just work with you; they work for you. They love every individual that walks in those doors and every person gets treated with such respect. I'm forever indebted to Our Place. –Heather A.

  • Our Place Recovery changed my life for the better it's a great place to recover! The staff works with you like you're their own kids! Definitely the place to go if you have a problem with Drugs and Alcohol. –Jimmy M.

  • Top notch treatment! You want to get it! The place to go!! You just really need to follow every suggestion. Their staff is very experienced. They truly care about everyone who walk's through their door's. –Thomas A.

  • The staff is incredible! I am honored and proud to be associated with a treatment center that REALLY cares about their clients and wants only the best for addicts seeking recovery. If anyone you know struggles with this disease send them to Our Place Recovery, they will get the help they need! –Melissa B.

  • I can’t say enough about Our Place Recovery. I believe they truly saved my life. Every staff member had a positive impact on my recovery. From the moment I made contact with them on the phone till now, they continue to help me. They also helped my family. I pray everyone has the same experience I did at Our Place Recovery. Thank you Our Place for going above and beyond! –John C.

  • Awesome place right on the beach. What a great group of guys and recovery! This place truly saved my life and gave me the structure I needed to start a new one! 5 stars in my book! –Zach H.


Nestled in beautiful Southeast Florida, Our Place Recovery is dedicated to assisting those in need of a life changing experience. Our proven method is that treatment will be effective if the focus is on the individual and the unique set of circumstances they present. Our Place is a boutique treatment center limited to 25 residents at any time in a quiet seaside community.

Our holistic approach puts the emphasis on the connection of the mind, body and spirit!

WE OPEN MINDS. We will assist our clients to re-enter into the community after treatment. We give them the tools to create a life of happiness and well-being.

WE HEAL THE BODY. We provide medical supervision during the early period of abstinence, assisting in withdrawal, which can be physically overwhelming and even dangerous.

WE AWAKEN THE SPIRIT. We give each individual the tools to rediscover their self-worth and deal with life on its own terms.

Our Place treats the whole person. We give each client the skills to stay clean and sober and find a life beyond their wildest dreams!

  • We teach the idea of self-independency. As our clients progress in treatment, we insure that they become less dependent on us and more capable at making their own decisions.
  • Located on award-winning Deerfield Beach, our residence allows clients to feel relaxed and focus on getting well.